Deze tekst kun je lezen wanneer je browser geen canvas ondersteund. Dan dus ook geen HTML5-canvas-game...


Use the left and right arrows to move and space to fire.
You can pause with P and R to restart.


Upgrades can be dropped by popping bubbles. You also gain points by collecting upgrades.
Freezes all bubbles for a few seconds
Places an energy shield around you making you invincible (for a few seconds)
Pops every bubble to the smallest form which you can use to your advantage, but can also be a big disadvantage
A projectile to shoot the bubbles. The advantage of this one is that you don't have to be under a bubble in order to hit it. You can only fire one at the time.
Makes you able to shoot two ropes at the same time.
A projectile to shoot the bubbles. You can fire as much as you want at the time, but it can only hit a bubble from below.